Resetting Your Gonzaga Password


There are several ways that users can reset their passwords.  Please see each section and follow the instructions for the header that best matches your situation.


You must have an active Gonzaga University email account.


If you know your current password

If you know your current password, please go to Enter your current password, then enter your new password twice. Immediately afterwards, please log out of your computer and log back in to apply the new password.

Your password has expired, or you do not know your current password

If you do not know or do not have access to your current password but have Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) enabled: Visit


Please note this may not work for everyone.  Not all accounts have this feature turned on.  Also, two different authentication methods must be previously setup to use for verification. If your account does not have this feature turned on, or you do not have access to the two methods please, call the Support Center at 509-313-5550.  Please have your Gonzaga ID # ready and be prepared to answer some security questions so we can verify your identity. 


Already changed your password online, but still logging into your Gonzaga laptop with your old password?

This is actually normal for laptops when they are not connected to a Gonzaga network. Next time you bring the laptop to campus and reconnect to the network (ethernet cable or Gonzaga Community wifi), that will automatically update your login password to the new one.
If you're not bringing the laptop to campus for a long time, try these steps:
  1. Log into the PC with your username and old password. 
  2. Connect to the VPN (FortiClient). For help with connecting to the FortiClient VPN, please see the article Forticlient VPN
  3. On your keyboard lock your screen using the WINDOWS + L keys (at the same time) for Windows laptops or choosing the Lock Screen option under the Apple menu for MacBooks.
  4. Log into the PC with your username and new password. 

 Note for Gonzaga-owned Macs 

When prompted by Keychain, select Update My Keychain and type in the password that was used to previously login to this Mac. 

Need more help?

Click on the Request Service button at Password Assistance.


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