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Get help with Blackboard and other academic applications

Information about your accounts, including remote access, requesting a new account, and more

All services specific to Athletics staff

Help with all aspects of Banner

Enterprise content and document management including Controller’s Office Tickets

Report issues or request assistance in any of our classrooms our computer labs

Request in-person or virtual technical training, advice, and consultations

Learn about our IT security policies, data integrity and compliance; report viruses, malware, or email phishing.

Get support for your email, calendar, instant messaging, and related services such as distribution lists, resource calendars, or shared mailboxes

Everything regarding forms and workflows and their use at Gonzaga University

Request desktop services, request a download or troubleshooting with site-licensed or hosted software and applications, or get IT to help in purchasing and installing non-site-licensed software or applications.

Restore files or emails that have been backed up

Home to student tech support and a host of cutting-edge equipment.

Help with all O365 services

Assistance with conferencing and telephony collaboration

Order toner, request assistance, or request troubleshooting with printing services.

All services specific to SEAS and its students, faculty, and staff

All services specific to School of Law faculty and staff

Web content management and custom websites

Gain access to the wired and wireless networks or request a new network service activation.

Here is where you will find options to purchase a new technology solution, hardware, and accessories.

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